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Modified: 11th December, 2022

Who Dat Is? Lyrics – Tyler Ward presents the Brand-New Non-Filmy Tyler Ward. Who Dat Is? Song Lyrics are written by Tyler Ward were the music Composed & Produced by Tyler Ward. The Music video song was Released on Jan 13, 2022.

Who Dat Is? Song Lyrics

[Chorus - All:]
Down in the city with the chopped off roof
And them girls look pretty from their heads to their boots
And we ride, ride, ride cuz we know we so boss
When we all walk in, everybody pause
Who dat is!? Who dat is!?
Who dat is!? Who dat is!?
Who dat is!? Who dat is!?
Who dat is!? Who dat is!?
(Who is that? Who is that?)

[Tyler Ward:]
(Alright, check it.. here we go) DJ T-Y-N-K-I's
What they call me my names Tynki, I'm your all time favorite guy
Used to DJ all them weddings, but that was 09
This is 20-12
I'm on a YouTube now, if you couldn't tell
The incredible T-Y
And I'm never getting on a mission or trippin but ever rippin the beat guy
Oh he fly step in you irrelevant elephant sell a bit of elegance
And sailing ship by the sea side
Now I'm flowin and I'm ragin like a river
Always going with no intentions or envision of a rap career
If you think you'll ever stop me bring garlic to a fight
Cuz I'm sparkling like a Vamp... Twilight

[Jon D:]
My name is Jonny D my clothes are not gap
It's opposite week, and this is not rap
Who-who-who dat isssssss (now who dat is!?)
Me dude... I'm on the remix, you need a Re-Do
I gotta milli, a billi, trilli I'm silly bro
I pick a dilly and willy nilly for really tho
Pause, pause.. Where is the applause?
Crew born to win cuz we never take a loss

[Derek Ward:]
See me so clean when I'm settled in, oh so
Smooth no impediment and I flow so sick need medicine,
Is the doctor outside? Better let him in!
Stop, drop, hold... Better find a leprechaun I'm
Treasure like a pot of gold knocked out cold (bye)
Bars hit so hard making other rappers vamonos
You can't cool me off... think I'm on fiya man
Go grab this axe and kill these beats like
Michael Myers man pause... Like the hands
Of a dog, beat coming back again now
I'm boss... (yessir) Tyler ward behind
The beat I got ya singing with ya friends


[Black Prez:]
Ok, they threw me on the beat so I had to get it on
I'll probably never stop but I'ma utilize the pause like
(Who-who-who dat is) Now who dat is!? (ok)
Gotta lotta tricks so I'ma do it for the kids
I gotta plan and that's to win
And I'ma man that likes to grin
So I keep a smile on like laughing gas
Just lost it's lid and this is where I live..
(Yaooh) Chillin in the mountains
Feel like I gotta remote, how everybody pausing

Look I swapped my arteries for the gears of a decepticon
That's articulation getting me on any formal
Project by demand, that's an Eppic invasion
You can excuse my approach as I continue
To guzzle down my glass of Nyquil
Now what do you get when you add a kick to
Someone that's already I'll having that swag appeal
That can be noticed from even Neptune or Venus
Going to take this track by storm give you 8 bars
Give you an example of getting down right devious
To distinguish me from DiCaprio I can see how you
Can get confused With the Grey's anatomy
with my word flow even if you got me on mute

Who dat is?!
Step one, get up out your seat
And raise your hands to the high sky
Get em up and make you put them dooowwwn
Bobbin and rockin your head to the sooouunndd..
Yeah, Yeah!
Step 2: I stay true to the heart of rhythm and blues,
T-Ward Crew Put your fist up in the air
This is the anthem let em know we in here


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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Who Dat Is?"?.

"Who Dat Is?" is sung by "Tyler Ward".

ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Who Dat Is?" song?.

"Who Dat Is?" song was written by "Tyler Ward".

ℚ. Who composed the music for "Who Dat Is?" song?.

"Tyler Ward" composed the music for "Who Dat Is?" song.

ℚ. When was the song "Who Dat Is?" released?.

"Who Dat Is?" song was released on "Jan 13, 2022".