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Working2eat Lyrics – 93FEETOFSMOKE From Scary Nights 2020 Album. Latest Working2eat Song Lyrics written by 93FEETOFSMOKE while the music is composed by 93FEETOFSMOKE. The Music video has been Released on 15th May, 2020.

Working2eat Lyrics

Oh, woah
Oh, oh
Oh, oh, woah
Oh, oh, woah

Passing by, passing by, my own goals
Carry on, carry on, without me on
And it don't even matter, all the lies you ever told
The world gon' always spin and every fire always scorned
Why you gotta make it so obvious?
I can't even see what you're on tonight
If you wanna hide with the stars now, go have fun girl
Shine like the brightest light
But, why you gotta make it so obvious?
Without regarding us, in the slightest light
You can go and hang with the stars now
You're too far girl, you're too bright
I think that you're too bright

I just be workin' to eat, I just be workin' to sleep
I sit on the bed, and fall in the sheets
I'm nervous of what's inbetween

You and your friends?
Who the fuck spilled kief in the Benz?
2020, ain't no damn new friends
(2020, ain't no damn new friends)
Just the green light mixing with the red, with the red
Just that it seems like, you're stuck inside your head
(Your head)
Wait hold up, I'm spacing out
Wait hold up, why hate me now?
Walk home and the stars come out
Can't help what I can't block out

Oh, I just want a love like you said
Everything you always promise, ends up biting my hands
You're too special my boy, I'm holding to what you said
Think I met you downtown, think you taught me to dance

I just be workin' to eat, I just be workin' to sleep
I sit on the bed, and fall in the sheets
I'm nervous of what's inbetween
I'm nervous of what's inbetween

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FAQ & Knowledge

ℚ. Who sang the song "Working2eat"?.

"Working2eat" is sung by "93FEETOFSMOKE".

ℚ. Who wrote the lyrics of "Working2eat" song?.

"Working2eat" song was written by "93FEETOFSMOKE".

ℚ. Who composed the music for "Working2eat" song?.

"93FEETOFSMOKE" composed the music for "Working2eat" song.

ℚ. When was the song "Working2eat" released?.

"Working2eat" song was released on "15th May, 2020".